Surface Processing Technologies

Determine moment tensor and magnitude with a higher degree of confidence and quality

Magnitude microseismic multi-array, relative slant stacking processing technique is a fit-for-purpose processing methodology that takes full advantage of our Patch technology. It has unique capabilities based on leading-edge technology (seismic arrays and relative location) and signal processing expertise. Microseismic records are processed at both array and network-scale, enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to detect events and estimate their hypo-central coordinates. The located source’s focal mechanism and magnitude are then deduced from the inversion of waveforms on an array-wise basis.

Our processing techniques rely on a master event and location algorithm, providing higher accuracy and sensitivity to low-amplitude events. While our relative positioning determination approach significantly reduces velocity and anisotropy uncertainties

The overall processing sequence includes the following steps:

1. Validate a velocity model based on available information (logs, velocity cube, etc.)

2. Compute the Green’s functions

3. Create a template (master event) from a perforation/string shot and/or a large event

4. Run the detection procedure to locate micro-seismic events in the raw data

5. For each candidate, characterize the source (via focal mechanism and magnitude)

6. QC the candidate to validate each and categorize it as an event when relevant

Our refined workflow makes it possible to improve delivery time by using each array as a high SNR, synthetized sensor focused on the detected candidate. In doing so, both the moment tensor and magnitude are determined with a higher confidence while maintaining a high degree of quality control through inspection by the processing geophysicists.

Classified microseismic events are provided to the client on a preloaded disk with a customized viewer for in-house analysis as part of our post-processing deliverable. Real-time processing results are available within a five-minute window, provided field data can be retrieved in real time.

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

When combined with Baker Hughes' industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about Magnitude’s surface processing technologies, please contact your local service representative.

Surface Monitoring

The wide surface coverage of Magnitude array designs provides the aperture required for accurate event location over the entire extent of the treatment well.

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