Surface Array Networks

Enhance signal-to-noise ratios

Key to all successful microseismic monitoring is the enhancement of signal-to-noise ratios from the recording—especially for surface monitoring. Magnitude has invested heavily in research and development to design a surface array that effectively attenuates noise in the field.

Magnitude’s Patch Array Design (Patch technology) consists of a series of field patches that are easily deployed and highly adaptable to the environment, allowing optimization in permitting, line clearing, and the avoidance of noise-prone areas.

Using standard surface seismic geophones, Patch technology allows you to deploy the tens of thousands of sensors required to attenuate the surface noise that hides the very faint microseismic signal. The geophones are wired into individual channels for a first layer of spatial filtering, but it is the specific geometry of the Patch deployment that provides the essential enhancement in signal-to-noise ratio.

A logistical and technical benefit of the Patch array is the short distance between geophones, which allows advanced summation, not just in the inline direction, but also in the cross-line direction, to optimally preserve the signal and reduce noise.

Field tests have proved the Patch array’s ability to provide up to 20 dB signal-to-noise ratio improvements compared to conventional radial line pattern designs. Such improvements are not available through single-point, high-sensitivity sensors that are powerless against ambient noise.

When combined with the pre-job scouting, survey patches are positioned away from noise sources such as pump jacks, roads, and farms. If required, Magnitude can perform a feasibility study to adapt the individual patch layouts to tackle specific unavoidable noises.

Magnitude uses Sercel’s highly reliable recording systems, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the entire duration of the stimulation program is captured with no loss of information.

Key benefits:

• Best signal-to-noise ratio enhancement in the industry

• Highly flexible and adaptive to individual noise sources

• Wide aperture deployment to fully sample focal sphere

• Industry-leading equipment that is easily available worldwide

The Patch technology was designed as part of an integrated solution with Magnitude’s proprietary processing workflow, which, in turn, was designed to capitalize on the signal-to-noise enhancement capabilities of the Patch system.

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

When combined with Baker Hughes' industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about Magnitude’s surface array networks, please contact your local service representative.

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