Shallow Buried Array

Monitor fracture activity to optimize stimulation effectiveness

For E&P operators who wish to monitor numerous wells within a large acreage position, Magnitude offers its Shallow Buried Array technology (SBA technology), a permanent array solution designed to significantly lower the monitoring cost per well over the life of the field.

Our design consists of a large area network of buried 1C and 3C sensors deployed in a shallow vertical wellbore over the field. Because the network is permanently deployed at shallow depths, surface noise is reduced and a high degree of repeatability is possible for re-frac mapping.

Key benefits:

• Cost-effective application for long-term field development

• Monitoring on demand

• Large area deployment with permanent buried network

• Highly repeatable (for reservoir re-stimulation)

• Ability to monitor multiple wells simultaneously

• Attenuation of surface noise

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

When combined with Baker Hughes and CGG industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about how Magnitude’s shallow-buried array monitoring services can help you achieve a high degree of repeatability for refracture mapping, please contact your local service representative.


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