Shallow Buried Array Networks

Effective permanent reservoir monitoring

Magnitude Shallow Buried Array (SBA) technology uses large networks of buried 1C, 3C, or 4C sensors deployed in shallow vertical wellbores. SBA monitoring offers minimum noise contamination and a high degree of repeatability for re-stimulation mapping (re-frac) or for correlating results between wells.

Magnitude’s equipment is purposely designed to allow the flexibility of many different sensor type combinations adapting the network to the environment in terms of the number of levels, spacing of sensors, number of 1C and/or 3C levels, and addition of hydrophones, which, in some conditions, are less sensitive to shear noise contamination.

Magnitude’s expert team uses essential processes and QC controls to ensure proper sensor deployment and permanent installation—key success factors for long-term monitoring operations for which results may otherwise be jeopardized by poor coupling and advanced aging. These installation procedures and QC controls have been developed over 15 years of field operations by CGG, a leader in seismic onshore permanent installations, with several thousand permanent SBA networks worldwide, in environments ranging from permafrost to desert conditions.

Once installed, the network is ready for continuous or on-demand monitoring of the field.

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

When combined with Baker Hughes' industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about Magnitude’s shallow buried array networks, please contact your local service representative.

Integrated Interpretation

The integration of surface and borehole microseismic validates hydraulic fracture analysis by quantifying the uncertainty of the x, y, and z axis of the events.

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