Patch Array Design

Monitor fracture activity to optimize stimulation effectiveness

Utilizing industry-proven geophone arrays to boost signal-to-noise ratio, Magnitude’s proprietary Patch Array Design (Patch technology) provides results that accurately map the complex geometric behavior of target formations during the hydraulic stimulation process. Having this knowledge at hand allows completions engineers to analyze with confidence the effects on the reservoir from pumping pressures, stage spacing, and proppant types as the fracturing unfolds in real time, thus optimizing the overall effectiveness of the hydraulic stimulation.
Key to all successful microseismic monitoring is the enhancement of signal-to-noise ratios. Magnitude has invested heavily in research and development to design an array that effectively attenuates isotropic noise found in the field. Patch technology uses a series of surface patches that are easily deployed and that are also highly adaptable to the environment, allowing optimization in permitting, line clearing, and avoidance of noise-prone areas.

With Patch technology, the short distance between geophones within each patch allows advanced summation, not just in the inline direction, but also in the cross-line direction, to optimally preserve the signal and reduce noise, resulting in a much higher signal-to-noise ratio (with improvements up to 20 dB compared to radial patterns).

Key benefits:

• Cost-effective alternative to borehole monitoring when observation wells are not available

• Superior noise attenuation by stacking in both the inline and cross-line directions

• Detection, localization, and characterization of microseismic events through Magnitude’s industry- proven waveform inversion processing

• Monitoring of events in real time to assist engineers with fracture programs in the field

• Patch arrays that are easily deployed and highly adaptable to terrain and noise constraints

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

When combined with Baker Hughes and CGG industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about how Magnitude’s Patch Array Design can help boost your SNR, please contact your local service representative.


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