Monitoring Services

Delivering advanced monitoring solutions

By leveraging world-class expertise in geology, geophysics, and reservoir characterization, Magnitude offers a complete portfolio of reservoir monitoring services, which includes: 

  • Hydraulic fracture monitoring
    • Real-time hydraulic stimulation mapping with highly sensitive sensor networks
    • Geomechanical information through characterization of microseismic events (magnitudes and moment tensor inversion)
    • Geohazard monitoring with real-time imaging workflows
    • Integration with pressure pumping models
  • Induced seismicity monitoring with permanent sensor networks
    • Disposal well monitoring
    • Gas storage monitoring
    • Long-term well casing integrity and cap rock monitoring
  • Integrated interpretation

Dedicated engineers

Magnitude’s monitoring team combines global expertise and advanced equipment to efficiently and accurately characterize your reservoir and to maximize hydrocarbon recovery. We have provided monitoring services in most of the major shale basins for various successful exploration and production companies. Our experience will help ensure that you have a successful hydraulic fracturing operation.

Our induced seismicity monitoring team is monitoring, on a long-term basis, several high-profile sites in North America and worldwide to provide clients with a warning system that will advise them of any unexpected seismic activity endangering their assets or the environment.

Before any survey, our teams will review the available information (geology, seismic, logs, drilling reports, etc.) and study results from comparable surveys to ascertain the most effective monitoring option based upon your specific objectives. In some cases, the team may recommend scouting, pre-survey noise evaluation, and/or a feasibility study, as we recognize that the “one size fits all” design rarely addresses actual geological complexity.

Expert interpretation

Magnitude provides expertise in microseismic application design, acquisition, data processing, and interpretation. This assures accurate quantification of microseismic events related to hydraulic fracture operations. We also reprocess previously acquired microseismic datasets, using our latest techniques to provide an objective third-party result.

Magnitude’s integrated interpretation services bridge the gap between several technologies to enhance the interpretation and improve field developments, completion designs, and predictive models. By calibrating reservoir models with microseismic monitoring results from hydraulic fracture stimulation, our experts can validate predicted reservoir behaviors. With these validations in hand, operators are empowered with reservoir knowledge that drives optimal investment decisions, field development, and production. 

Our seismologists and geophysicists continue to push microseismic technology forward by delivering advanced design, detection, and processing technologies for borehole, surface, and permanent monitoring. Our teams have experience in processing microseismic data, and our acquisition crews have an unrivaled record of client service and health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards.

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

With Baker Hughes' industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about Magnitude’s borehole, surface and permanent monitoring services, please contact your local service representative.

Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring

Magnitude hydraulic fracture monitoring enhances your reservoir understanding by providing insight into how the fracture stimulation is affecting the formation.


Induced Seismicity Monitoring (I_MEQ)

Magnitude seismicity monitoring helps operators manage the integrity of underground storage facilities, such as salt caverns, natural gas storage reservoirs and carbon-dioxide CO2 sequestration projects.


Integrated Interpretation

The integration of surface and borehole microseismic validates hydraulic fracture analysis by quantifying the uncertainty of the x, y, and z axis of the events.

Integrated Interpretation

The integration of surface and borehole microseismic validates hydraulic fracture analysis by quantifying the uncertainty of the x, y, and z axis of the events.

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