Consulting Services

Determine optimal network designs

Magnitude offers a dedicated team of seismologists, engineers, and programmers that provide tailored microseismic solutions. These experts work together with you to assess changing reservoir conditions, such as caprock integrity failure or unexpected fracture propagation, as well as to develop detailed feasibility studies and pre-job planning to ensure that the surveys or permanent monitoring services meet your requirements.

Borehole survey design

Because borehole monitoring uses higher-frequency signal, Magnitude will conduct a pre-survey study aimed at assessing what network designs would best balance the current geological constraints and the monitoring objectives. Survey design and feasibility study typically review the current well settings and frac parameters before building a velocity model from sonic logs and stratrigraphic information, and modeling synthetic waveforms. This will help in assessing the waveform complexity, sensitivity, location accuracy, and moment tensor invertibility.

Surface survey design

Accurate microseismic event location and characterization is obtained through proper sampling in space and time of the complete waveform emitted by each event, i.e., by the proper sampling of the focal sphere surrounding each event.

In order to ensure a correct sampling of the focal sphere, data is discretized, using a spherical helix. Each sphere point is then propagated up to the surface through ray-tracing in the provided velocity information (sonic log).

The Patch Array Design (Patch technology) will then be adapted to ensure that patch locations recover the source radiation pattern effectively.

Leveraging a comprehensive technology portfolio

With Baker Hughes' industry-recognized formation evaluation, seismic acquisition, and pressure pumping technology and services, Magnitude offers unsurpassed microseismic solutions.

To learn more about Magnitude’s consulting services, please contact your local service representative.

Integrated Interpretation

The integration of surface and borehole microseismic validates hydraulic fracture analysis by quantifying the uncertainty of the x, y, and z axis of the events.

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